A maioria De Exalted Kn÷chelchewer Alex Sosa comes from a long line of musical panderers traced back to the Royal Finger Biters of the ancient Toltec. Drawing from his ancestral powers, Alex summons the Divine Wisdom of Quetzalcoatl and the Ferocity of Tlazolteotl to weave catchy melodies into accessible ditties with a good pop sensibility. In his spare time, Alex enjoys making dollhouse furniture out of food laminates, prank calling the Mauna Kea Telescope, and walks on the beach.

Alex studied ambidextrous blame-making at the esteemed "Institut de non mon dÚfaut" in Marseilles, Idaho, under the tutelage of Mssrs. Blanchard and Fromage, who aside from denying any knowledge of Alex, were unavailable for comment. It was here he discovered the importance of rhythm, light guitar strings, and drummers.

Alex formed Abalone Penguin during a Fondue hallucination involving members of the Russian Mafia and hints that there are 'big things ahead' of the band, but will not divulge any details to date.